Based on en authentically square farm, the domain Mandarin Napoleon is a reception centre, a resort and a place to work. Prestigious location to escape, the domain combines in an harmony bricks and verdure, the immaterial elements of imperial reception: elegance, beauty, calm and historical charm of an old sugar house.

Six modulated rooms are at disposal: the domain is the perfect tools of services and a reference for the product launching, convention and congress.

Luminous and open on a wooden park of more than 2 acres, the domain Napoleon offers a generous location and allows the organization of seminary, cocktail and dancing diner under a starry sky of artificial optical fibres light….

The master piece of the domain is today the Napoleon museum, which collects more than 400 pieces: truly play attraction, but also educational place, the museum is surrounded by a mandarin-tasting room, a gift shop and the museum Mandarin Napoleon… Without omitting the master’s house, genuine evocation of the empire style with the
sitting-rooms, the council room, the bivouac, the library, the private bar and the for luxurious rooms will seduce you by is reception quality, the efficiency end the discretion of the employees.

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Our next "rendezvous…"

Within the context of the 200th anniversary of the battle of Iena, a bivouac is in project.

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